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Game News
Welcome to Draconia!

We are pleased that you are looking into joining us!  We are currently recruiting ALL LEVELS, CLASSES & SPECS.  As of September 1, 2011, we are new to the Deathwing server and will impact it largely!  We moved from our Balnazzar server due to it being a low population server and raiding was in short supply.  But now we don't have that issue!

Please take a minute and read our Guild Information, Plans of Action and Features of Draconia!

Guild Information:

Draconia was formally known as Preatorian Guard on the server Balnazzar.  From day 1, it was a guild that strived for excellence.  The guild was founded in 2008 and is still going with over 100 active members!  Preatorian Guard in every expansion has raided & downed every boss, with the exception of Cataclysm.

We will bring even the new people up to speed on the new raids with the information we provide!  Each Cataclysm Boss Fight and Raid will be linked on this site so our players can find useful and safe information to be prepared!

We know that with everyone's hard dedication and determination, we can complete the raiding opportunities that present themselves here on this server!

Plans Of Action Agenda:

***Plan as of 01 September 2011***

        *Recruitment of Players*
        -Once we hit 50 members, Instance Runs will start being scheduled for Monday, Wednesday & Friday Nights
        -Once we hit 75 members, PvP Battle Grounds will start being scheduled for Tuesday & Thursday Nights
        -Once we hit 100 members, Raids will start being scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights

       *Leveling Guild*
       -For each level we obtain, we will give a Gold & Prize Give-A-Way

Guild News
Other Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Meccalight, Sep 1, 11 4:18 PM.
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Deathwing (PvP)
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Arcane (5)
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Frost (5)
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Assassination (5)
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Subtlety (5)
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